Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vespino the international moped of mystery...

Sometimes when you get frustrated with mopeds you just have to put them in "time out" for a little while..I'm just starting to get back into tearing into the vespino. After losing compression while going over the bridge, i was hoping that i just blew a gasket. After checking the head and cylinder however, the gaskets are still complete and brand new. my next thought was that maybe i blew a seal...but when inspecting the seal on the stator side it too looked to be in good shape. hmmmm. right now...
Marshal suggested that maybe I have a decomp issue. My decomp is not hooked up, but i guess it could have worn out (so was an issue he had with a moby head)... While I'm not convinced this is the case...I'm really taking any and all suggestions. The plan right now is to get it all put back together and run a compression tester (which is honestly what i should have done before tearing it all apart again)...Then proceed from there. Any thoughts out there?

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  1. compression tester sounds like a good idea, could you have stripped the spark plug threads? causing a leak?