Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...what to work on when you can't work on a moped...

So with all this rain we've been having I've been unable or unwilling to work on mopeds...why work on a moped you can't subsequently take out for a test ride? I went to to the garage to hang out anyway to find the lawn had turned into a swamp.

Thankfully I was able to back in and still work on my garden. Since I'm at an apartment in Old Louisville now, I don't have a whole lot of yard space. I opted for doing everything in pots. The lady at Lowe's suggested I use paint buckets for my tomatoes and I'm so glad I did. I drilled about 5 holes in the bottom for drainage and planted away. I'm growing two different varieties of tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, basil, and a few varieties of lettuce. I also started jalepenos, cilantro, and more basil.

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