Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Peugeot 103

I realized that I need another reliable bike. After surveying the basement to see what was the "most complete" I decided to finally put the 103 together.

Yes...that's a seat belt holding on the seat. Don't ask me came like that. The reed valve set up is so small. Each little hole opens up to about 8mm. Extremely limiting the bike.

At some point I'd like to put the 19mm intake on that I also got in the trade. I'd also like to toy around with the stock reed set up and see how far I can open it up and cut my own reeds. For now I'll look for a set up via treats, including a different intake. They're pretty reasonably priced. I'll probably just run a 14/12 dell for now. This will hopefully help with reliability...but then again it is French...

In other news. This happend to Mark Ryan this weekend. He seized his hobbit, took apart his engine and found this...

That straight thing in there is not a paper clip or a staple...its his cir-clip completely straightened out. SCREW THAT!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paint by number

It's be a bit since I've updated. I've been super busy with non moped life related stuff...But about a month or so ago I went ahead and painted the frame and some fork pieces with white spray paint. I figured everyone looks at the tank anyway.

Snowstorm nose...