Friday, June 10, 2011

Holy Hole...and Peter's Piper...

The other day I was helping my friend Michael do some case matching for his Grande and dremeling we discovered a cavern in the his cases.

It's just some sort of casting flaw...I guess It'll be OK and we'll just have to smooth the transition into the case. Unfortunately he also blew through the wall of the cases and will have to add some aluminum and continue matching. Bonerjamz!

Also, a local moped dude named Damon bought a rare pipe from Italy.

I'd heard that the gianelli pipes were pretty sweet. So far the reports I get from him are that he really likes the pipe...although I haven't seen it yet myself. He's trying to keep his ciao stock and I'd like to think that this pipe is meant for something so much more...

1 comment:

  1. first of all, i wanted to turn my head to see what way that pipe was supposed to go, and then i realized it was already oriented correctly...crazy.

    secondly, i think that hole is in all cases, i learned about this little hole while case matching myself! check out this photo of a case half

    you probably just hit that hole, right?