Monday, January 7, 2013

Under Pressure...UPDATE!!!

So after battling with the vespino on and off for years now, we made some great progress lately. I have been stuck with low compression. No matter what I tried I could not get above 90 psi. I took the bike over to Nate's and being an old hobbit expert he thought of a possible fix. In previous posts you'll see that I plugged the decomp on the head. However the tiny little decomp on the cylinder was still leaking. When we put a drill to it you could hear the little whizz/hiss. We drilled the hole out a little and tapped it with an m5 set screw. After seating the set screw deep I put it all back together and WHAMMO! 180 PSI!!! How's that for a fixed problem! Celebration came momentarily however as it now appears that I have some sort of gas flow issue. Oh well. It had old ass gas in it so that's the next step. Clean up the whole fuel system. What i know is that now I have compression and I have spark. So basically we are ALMOST there. It's the closest the bike has been since creation. Sadly its been a long hard road...but I also don't have much time to put into it with nursing school. Regardless, I'm super stoked.