Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is happening...

So after some life hiatus, I'm back with some changes and updates. First...I'm in a new shop! Fellow bandits, Elder, Adam, Kitty, and Neal adopted me into their garage...unfortunately in one night the garage went from having 10 mopeds to 17...yikes.

That's my space there in the corner.
The other day my friend Michael were working on his grande and we discovered this:

double yikes. He also had a cracked subframe in two places...but we won't get into that. ha. Onwards and upwards. He's rebuilding and kitting his Grande. I have seen 3 Grande subframes similar fashion...I might suggest some reinforcements.
I on the other hand had my own flywheel problems as I have continued to put together the engine for my yellow ciao. For some reason I just couldn't get the flywheel to seat properly. At first I thought that I just wasn't aligning the key hole with the woodruff I took the woodruff key out and it still didn't seat. And then I realized this:

The stock flywheels require a spacer to be placed on the shaft that are either metal or plastic.

And it seemed that the spacer I was using wouldn't allow the flywheel to go all the way down. Then I noticed this:

stock flywheel (never mind the broken parts)

Euro CDI flywheel. See the difference? Spacer built in to the flywheel. Thus I solved my problem.