Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dia de Los Vespino pt. 2

Here's the video that gabe put together from Saturday. Bear with the long drill start intro...

Here's some more photos from the day that I stole from Gabe's blog

Gettin' my hair did..THANKS MAGS!.

In bummer news, while cleaning out the rear wheel hub to hopefully improve my rear brakes, I noticed this...

A cracked mag! It's cracked almost halfway through. Here's a close up...

What a freaking bummer. Now I'm trying to source a new wheel. I know that I can get one from Spain, but I have a small lead on one in the US (strangely enough). Fingers crossed...The other option however is to try and weld this one back together. I'm told by Francesc from vespino.es that I can "solder weld aluminum" or so that's what google translate tells me he says. I'll have to look into that option as well.


  1. it's good to hear that thing running, looks pretty fast from that vid. bummer on the wheel though. and yes, team zissou unite!

  2. Whisky Business 4: The Ride Aquatic

  3. Waahooo! That is too bad about the rim, if you don't find a new one you could probably find someone who knows how to weld it. I remember when that thing was nothing but a pile of rust and spider webs, great job!!

  4. you can tig weld aluminum, it will be just fine.