Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cables and Spark

We're in the final stages now. After some tricky maneuvering I was able to get all the cables run.

You'll notice they all go in the head tube and inside the frame. There are little holes that pop out at various locations so that the cables can run directly to where they need to go.

Nice and clean.

At first I wasn't able to get spark. After changing out the spark plug boot (which seemed sort of loose) spark was attained. I have gotten the bike to back fire with carb cleaner, but have not been able to get it to stay running or to start with gas alone. I have no idea what direction the stator is supposed to go on (which I feel is the first part of my problem). This is how it is currently set up...

From here I've just been trying to start the engine with a drill. When that doesn't work, I pull the flywheel readjust the stator, and try again. So far its been unsuccessful. There are two little marks (one on the stator and one on the case) however when you line these marks up the screws don't line up. I'm not sure if they are just some sort of damage, or intentionally there. Any suggestions out there?


  1. looks good! no suggestions off the bat, but if you don't have it running by this weekend i'm sure we can collectively figure something out.

  2. so close! Throw a timing light on there and rip. Also, you can use a tomos CDI box (and probably many others) if you want. I tried that guy out on my brother's tomos and it worked alright, but the tomos box produced fatter spark, although the issue may have been the plug cap.

    Regardless, rad to see it almost done! A square tomos headlight might throw it off with a more futuristic look with all the sharp edges.