Friday, February 13, 2009


I've read up about Evaporust. Apparently its a environmentally safe way to get rid of rust. You just soak whatever you want and then you can just dump what's left and it won't kill anything. I want to eventually try using this for my tank, but I thought I'd first experiment on my rusted triple tree.



It ate through the rust, and also took off some of the paint (which I don't mind because I want to repaint anyways). It said that It wouldn't damage powder coating...I think it only took off paint because it was chipped due to the rusting anyways. On to the tank!

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  1. wow man. that looks good. i've had the stuff, just haven't gotten around to putting it in any of my tanks. i keep going back and forth about whether or not to paint my frame myself or get it powdercoated after looking at prices for both. painting myself would be a ton more work of sanding a lot of nooks inbetween coats and i would have to buy multiple cans of paint and pay for sandblasting prior...oh boy. i made a drawing of a ciao with a support tube welded on it during work yesterday, i was just dreaming away...hehe