Monday, February 9, 2009


I thought I'd take some pictures to compare my new performance stuff with their stock predecessors. First up we have the carb. The Calibretta is sooo massive with added length and a giant expansion chamber.

Which leads to the cylinder. Check out the difference in exhaust ports! It's the difference between my thumb fitting in there vs. my pinky.

There are obvious porting and cylinder size differences...Not sure what I'm going to have to do to case match as there are so many more ports. I'll have to look at that when i get my new cases.

I couldn't find my stock head, so this comparison is between a 70cc Olmpia header...I'm probably going to run into problems with this bad lad as well. Hopefully it will fit...???

When comparing the flywheel for the cdi unit, I noticed that on the inside has a straight cylinder where it fits over the cdi as opposed to the mellow ramp of the stock flywheel. I'm sure I'll figure out why assumption is that is just the shape that needs to fit with the cdi.

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  1. yeah, that head is crazy! also, the pipe you have is going to look so sick, i really like the shape when it's on the bike, swooping up in the back like that. quarterkick just got my kit in, but they're waiting on the gears still. glad you liked my woody idea, also, nice feet in the pipe photo...hehe