Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finger ports

So in my waiting for parts, I started tooling around with a stock vespa cylinder. After consulting with a few others I tried out an idea to make finger ports. This borrows technology from a puch #2 cylinder (I think) and allows for extra porting on the inside rather than the outside.

If you have a stock cylinder you'll know what i mean. Those tiny triangle ports are now open since I cut the cylinder skirt away.

Will it pay off? Who knows!?! I hope to try it out this weekend while I CONTINUE TO WAIT!


  1. Cool beans. Good luck with the cylinder mods.

  2. is this the tan/yellow ciao you were blasting at nates on sunday? i've got a variated ciao that has a stock cylinder i might want to do some shit to when i move down. i'd love to learn some vespa knowledge from you.


  3. i'm getting ready to do this on my ciao too

    did you ever finish it? how did it go?

  4. I never actually got around to finishing this because I got caught up in my simo project. But i still have it on the shelf. Let me know if it works out for you. I think Sunset Paul (vespa dude from the MA forums) was talking about trying this as well.