Sunday, September 11, 2011

How'd you break your moped?

So I got a sweet deal on a fully loaded grande; malossi hit, carb, pipe, variator...the guy I bought it from had been having trouble with it and when drill starting it, sucked the decomp into the engine. Apparently it wasn't put together correctly and shot into the cylinder. I knew that this wouldn't have caused much problems because it can't get passed the piston. I tried convincing him to keep the bike and that it was fine, but he insisted that he wanted to sell it. So i jumped on it at a unbelievable good price. The decomp situation should have been an omen... I took the engine apart and the first thing I noticed was that HE DIDN'T PUT ANY CIRCLIPS ON THE PISTON!!! WTF!!! Did he just forget? Did he think they weren't necessary? Who knows...sure enough on inspection of the cylinder there is a nice mark left by the piston pin.
It's not scored that badly and isn't raised. So other than a slight loss of compression, it should still run. Wheh! And then we get to the crank...notice anything wrong here?
let's give you a close up...
WHAAATTT??? That's're looking at A BOLT that was WELDED on the crank. The crank must have been broken in the past and the "fix" was to just weld a bolt upside down in there. Unfortunately the crank is hardened and so the weld isn't actually welded. It's only a matter of time before it just breaks off. Other minor issues of note: no case gasket...just slathered some indian head on there...nuts for the front wheel were finger loose as well as the front fender... All in all however I'm getting this thing tightened up and rebuilt. Should be another reliably fast bike (fingers crossed)

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