Friday, September 23, 2011

$10 moped

What does a $10 moped look like? Well it looks like this...
In other words, it looks like a Kinetic Magnum held together with zip ties and bungee cords with an extra Puch E-50 strapped to it.
Oh and it also came with a box of random parts... Sort of random, but I ran into someone who used to ride mopeds who no longer does and they sold me this for $10. The engine turns over just fine, and if you didn't notice, its a variated Kinetic. Didn't know these existed. It's literally in pieces, so i'll have to put the whole thing together, but its in relatively good shape. The paint is good, the seat is light of my recent accident, It might just be getting my old ciao setup...When I find the time that is...


  1. I'm Envious. I know there is a lot of Kinetic hate out there but a Variated bike is a Variated bike.

  2. that's insane! i like how it's so 80s lookin, "electronic"
    i'm envious as well man, not only for the deal, but i think it's a sweet moped. it's kinda what i want with my ciao, something for the city, something fast and reliable but not super intense like my magnum thing.

  3. those kinetic magnums are pretty cool bikes, cdi, 12v electronics, variated... i'd be interested to see if the 'variator' parts are total crap or halfway decent, it seems kinetic is hit or miss like that.