Friday, February 18, 2011

On the hunt...

The hunt for a needle bearing solution continues. I spent the better part of the day going from bearing shops, to chain saw world, to the hardware store, etc etc. and no one could help me out. What I really need is a needle bearing that is 12 X 17 X ? (13, 14 or 15) should all work. All can be found in Spain from my vespino parts dealer, but I'm having great difficulty finding them here. This SUCKS because it means that I'm missing 1 small part which will not only take time to get here, but also I'll have to go through a bunch of hurdles just to pay for it. I'm hoping that I can figure something equivalent, but so far its not looking good. Bonerjamz.


  1. I got you dawg! Find the nearest Italkit dealer:

    Check out page 12. 12x17x13 Item #: RST.320 (standard)

    #: RST.220 (competition)

    Costs about 8 euros plus mark-up & shipping.

    Also, any local distributor of SKF bearings should be able to help.

  2. i'll do you one better:

    this one:


    one is twice as much...not sure why, but it's in the united states!

  3. Josh, I went to a SKF dealer and they couldn't help. They actually didn't even know what to call these sort of needle bearings because the ones they sell have an outer race.


  4. bonerjamz...this website is located overseas as well...maybe I'll call around to scooter shops and see if I can get lucky...that or hopefully I can get it ordered directly from Polini USA...

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