Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photoshop mock up

Here's a very poor photoshop mock up of the direction I'm going for.

Subtract Rust, Add clip-ons.

Team Zissou!


  1. are those vespino forks? fucking crazy.

    do you have the g3 ones? they seem like they'd be better and easier to work with than some wierd leading-link shit.

  2. the vespino forks are really crazy. the tube in the frame has regular bearings in it, like you'd put in your engine, and you put a bolt through the inner race to secure the top and bottom triple tree plates together. it's crazy, so their's no way to put other forks on unless you do some crazy fabrication. also, jason, this color scheme is awesome. i just noticed the fender flag! so subtle, yet so good. later man