Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's cold as balls and time for new a winter project...

Christmas came early as at my door two large bike boxes arrived. Brad investigates...

I got the bike sent from the land of the cuperteens and in hopes that this rare bike wasn't in as rough shape as I feared...

I soon came to realize two things:
1. This is a really bizarre moped
2. It needs A LOT of work!

History Lesson: Vespa opened a factory in Spain that birthed the Vespino. It was widely popular throughout Spain but few were exported outside the country. This one came to California in a shipping container.

The case...huge transfers, case inducted that comes up from the bottom of the engine. I'll take better photos of of this engine mounts soon you can get a better idea.

Reed Cage...Rusty old, two petal...honestly it seems like a lot of material that restricts what could be a HUGE intake.

Frame: Sort of ugly, hollow tube frame that hides cables and wires, forks use sealed bearings and have a weird scooter type fairing (which is being ditched)

Wheels...Awesome! Sealed bearing 5 stars.

Rear Clutch...Big and thin. Here it is compared to the stock vespa size. Looking forward to what sort of power I can get out of that.

Other things...The bike came with performance variator and metrakit. More on those later. I was looking for a winter project and I got it.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you do. I know its a project, but when its done, it'll be the coolest moped in town, I promise. I always dreamed of doing it up right, but it never happened.