Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disc Brakes pt. 0.5

So while I'm finishing up with "pt. 2" I thought I'd Pulp Fiction this particular project for a second to let you know what DIDN'T work the first time around. In my first attempt I tried to simply mount a disc directly to the wheel hub itself.

I had to grind down the hardware to fit snugly inside the hub so that I could bolt it down.

This however did not work because the outside of the hub is curved rather than flat; making spacing just about impossible. The disc would bend at different points making it uneven (which would not work for the calipers). Sorry no pictures of this.

So that's the reason for going with the ridiculous "pt.1" method shown below.

*Side note: The 100cc Simo engine does not have a lighting coil. Rufus runs a battery for his lights. Since there is now a rotating flywheel in my front wheel hub the Bandits are going to help rig a system so that I'll be able to get function (rather than just mounting method) out of the flywheel.

You know...something like a coil mounted to the forks so that it will run a LED headlight...it's going to be awesome. The only downfall will be that the front wheel will have to be spinning for me to have lights...but that's nothing an extra little battery couldn't help with.

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