Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Business Time...

In an effort to save my already powder coated frame (purchased that way) I wrapped the frame in tinfoil to help prevent as much "pocking" as possible. Since welding involves molten metal it often leaves "Pock marks," little extra bits of molten metal that spark out and bind to areas you don't intend.

Frame Modification phase two: Welding. So I got some help from fellow bandits to help up the newly prepared piece. Here it is welded up nicely.

Then we cut inside frame out to create the pocket for the simo engine's large fins. Since it doesn't have fans on the flywheel it needs these large fins to cool the engine instead. While a lot of people cut them off to get them to fit, most then have cooling issues. I wanted to preserve these as best I could.

After mounting the engine it took a series of measuring, marking and cutting to get to fit just right. Here you can see that I had to cut further material to allow for the side intake to be mounted post engine mounting.

Here's the complete mount with engine, side intake and carb.


  1. Builds like this make me so happy

  2. dude! i just listened to your voicemail. CRAZINESS! i hope you have it figured out by the time i get down there, i don't want you to have to wait that long to ride that thing! looks amazing though, good job on the frame.

  3. yeah, tried drill starting it yesterday and the front variator exploded in my faces. When the engine turns over, it does so hard that it spins the nut back off the crank (because it spins faster than the drill does). Then you have weights and other tiny variator pieces hitting you in the was scary. I put it away fro the day. ha.

  4. oh man, smartest way around the too big kit yet! too bad you couldn't cut up an early ciao frame for that piece, though.. no high tension coil bubble!

  5. thanks. yeah it would be been nice not to have to cut out that extra piece of the frame...but i just happened to have a junk frame at my disposal.