Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top tank progress

Finally got the inspiration to get some more work done on the vespino. I picked up a square, steel rod at Home Depot for the crossbar and match the square frame.

Mock up and cut.

Nate gracefully welded it up. You'll notice that I also cut off the frame tabs for the gas tank. Won't be needing those.

Cut a seat post and welded it between the crossbar and frame for the tank mounts. Will have to wrap some tape on the ends to cushion it a bit more.

I had to make some adjustments when mounting because the fork tubes were hitting the tank. So I just dropped the tank back a bit creating a nice cup holder.

All together with the seat it looks like this.

Next up painting and decals.


  1. wow, that fit perfect!

  2. i was iffy on what it would look like until the bottom photo, nice work. it's gonna be really pretty one day!

  3. Thanks guys. I'm getting really excited about getting this done. I'm going to order the parts I need from Spain with some extra tax monies and hopefully get this ready for rally season.

  4. lookin realll good!

  5. Hello, I'm spanish and I see this blog yesterday. (I'm sorry, but I don't speack English well)
    I got a Vespino too, is a very good moped. In summer 2009 a man called Valentin Salvador go from Tarifa to Cabo Norte in Vespino.
    If you want Vespino's parts, I can give you a website of part, only Vespino.
    Congratulations for the moped.