Thursday, January 7, 2010

The French Invasion

Woah. So I traded Nate Bandit for a bunch of French that he (or I really) didn't want...but it was too much (good?) to pass up. Some of you might be asking yourselves, "huh, I thought I heard Jason blubbering about 'Italy or Die'?" And the answer is yes, I hate the French. But here's what I got anyway...

Complete Motobecane 40T
Complete Peugeot 102
Mostly Complete Peugeot 103 (missing front forks)
(Not pictured)
Garelli Eureka frame w/NOI Katika(?) engine
Fully Rigid Ciao frame
Motobecane 40T frame

All that traded for my Vespa Si. It hurts to let it go, but feels good to gain so much to sell and barter with.

I sold the 40T frame in 9 seconds on the buy sell; and the complete Moby sold today as well.

Move em' in. Move em' out.


  1. man, that's awesome that you sold two of the bikes already. i'm really interested to see what that ciao frame looks like

  2. I want a 40t. jealous.

    Do you have a big photo of the 40t, 40oz, $40 frame? It was gnarly.