Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frame-tastic Seat Magic

So the seat setup I was running has been failing...miserably. There wasn't really any true support; it was just a hack job mounted to the seat post (on the frame) with some nuts and bolts. While this worked for a while, the seat started to bend the frame due to pressure. when I took the seat off to fix this problem further I discovered this.

Too much stress on the frame...cracks! Thankfully Nate Bandit came to the rescue with a great idea.

First we had to kill this ginormous spider lurking outside the garage.

Seriously it was HUGE. Biggest spider I've ever seen in the U.S. outside of a zoo or pet shop. I know the picture is blurry, but I didn't want to get any closer than this. Apparently its harmless, but still scary.

Next we had to harvest a new tab from an old seat post.

I cut this one off and Nate welded it to the frame to mount in the existing holes on the seat pan.

(I love how this photo came out)

Lastly Nate rigged up a mono-shock from a pocketbike(I think?) to my seat pan...

...with the other end mounted to a steal plate welded to reinforce the cracked frame, I now have a much more reliable and smooth ride.


  1. you killed a harmless garden spider :(

  2. With a seat like that, you can now safely* bloat up to 400 lbs and still ride that thing!

    black and yellow garden spider, they're in the field at the farm all the time. super scary, but apparently they don't harm humans. regardless, i still get freaked out when i see them! -Brad