Monday, January 19, 2009

more to come

I'm getting ready to start a large ciao build. I know that I've appreciated reading up on other peoples moped blogs and thought that I might be able to add to the moped blogging community. More to come soon. Follow my friend Brad's blog too as he works on his many piaggio projects...Go team Vespa!


  1. team vespa unite! or assemble! or something!
    p.s. cool picture man, who took that?

  2. you don't remember. it was one of our "run away" shots. Put on the timer, set the camera down and just run...This is the best one of it's kind.

  3. Hi Guys!
    You seem to know alot about vespas! Im running a piaggio ciao with polini evolution engine and malossi 75cc. Im thinking about buying a 90cc cylinder from simonini, do you know if you haft to have a crankshaft with a longer stroke for this cylinder?

    Please respond back!


  4. I have not run my 90cc simo kit yet. it's on the shelf for the right project. I don't know if takes a different stroke. I'm assuming no. I do know however that the simo crank had a larger webbing and will NOT fit in your cases without modification.

    How's that evo engine? The read system seems so strange.

  5. Thank you for the fast respond! Okey I have heard that you don't need a diffrent stroke but i want to be shore before i order it. I think the Evo engine is great i works almost the same as the normal engine only difference is that you have reeds but the crank puls the fuel into the cylinder like a normal engine, and it comes with a 19mm carburetor. I had the normal engine with a 13mm carb and 65cc cylinder and i was pretty quick but when i changed the engine the difference was like day and night if you know what i mean :D, the gas respons was much better and the egine reved better as welll, it felt more powerful on lower revs! Would you like to do me a favour can you measure the diameter of the piston and outside of the cylinder slef the end that fits into the engine? I can only fit a cylinder that have a oustide diameter that is aprox 50mm, it would be so helpful! How is the simonini 100cc engine good i guess :P and does a variomatic make a big difference?

    Do you have msn or mail, if you want i can send you some pictures of the "beast" :P

    You have to excuse spelling im Swedish:P

    Best of luck with your project!


  6. Henrik,
    Sorry I've been out of commission lately. I'll try to get some measurements for you soon. I've been loving the 100cc simo engine. It's so fast. I'm currently running over 60mph (100kph)

    I'd love to see pictures of your "beast". Send them to my email at